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We work closely with local distiller, Beattie's Distillers or Alliston. Using Beattie's award winning vodka, we produce the most amazing vodka themed chocolates in the land! Our Belfry chocolatiers have perfected the perfect spirit and icewine themed truffle recipes. The truffles are a perfect balance of taste and texture so fine, that a keen spirits drinker can pick out the actual liquor, wine and icewine in the chocolates! Explore the top shelf for yourself!

  • All prices in CAD ($)

  • Beattie's Strawberry Vodka - 4-PACK


  • Beattie's Peppermint Vodka - 4-PACK


  • Beattie's Cranberry Blood Orange Vodka - 4-PACK


Beattie's Strawberry Vodka - 4-PACK - $7.99

Beattie's Peppermint Vodka - 4-PACK - $7.99

Beattie's Cranberry Blood Orange Vodka - 4-PACK - $7.99